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Mag Drive Pumps for Saltwater

Mag Drive Saltwater Pumps

Saltwater industry use GemmeCotti pumps

GemmeCotti Magdrive Pumps for sea water ballast pumping and Marine AC systems are another popular option since Mag Drive pumps can run “dry” for a few seconds with no harm, which is ideal for large scavenger systems on board ships and cargo vessels. We have a wide variety of available pumps for any of your seawater or saltwater pumping needs. If you don’t see the pump you need, feel free to contact us for assistance.

Industry Uses

GemmeCotti Magdrive Pumps are an optimal solution for salttwater pumping:

  • Marine AC pumping
  • Seawater ballast pumping
  • Brine pumping
  • Saltwater pumping
Sea water ballast ship uses GemmeCotti pumps