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Mag Drive Pumps for Chemicals

Mag Drive Chemical Pumps

Chemical Tank for GemmeCotti pumps

Magnetic drive pumps are heavy-duty, seal-free chemical transfer pumps that are constructed from highly chemical resistant plastic. The unique design helps reduce seal friction and also prevents leakage normally associated with other types of pumps. Mag Drive pumps are centrifugal pumps, that use a rotational motion to facilitate fluid flow. This capability allows Magdrive pumps to be optimally used for chemical mixing and chemical transfer applications. The design of these pumps require reduce mantainance and repair costs.

Industry Uses

GemmeCotti Magdrive Pumps are used for pumping applications in the following industries:

  • Chlorine Pumping
  • Cyanide for Mining and Leachate Pumping
  • Ferric Chloride Treatment Application Pumping
  • Hydrogen Dioxide Pumping
  • Hydrogen Peroxide Pumping
  • Sodium Hydrochlorate Pumping
  • Sodium Hypochlorate Pumping
  • Potassium Hydroxide Pumping
  • Amoni Pumping
  • Sulfates such as Aluminum and copper Pumping
  • Naptha Pumping
  • Acetone Pumping
  • Sodium Chloride Pumping
Chemicals for GemmeCotti Mag Drive pumps