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HTM PVDF Series - Pump Only

The HTM series of Mag Drive Centrifugal Pumps are ideal for the low-flow pumping of corrosive and highly corrosive liquids such as Alkali's, Acids and Hydrophobic Coatings. The excel in the fields of Circulation, Surface finishing and Chemical transfer. From acids to oils, seawater to caustic chemicals, the HTM series of magdrive pumps offer excellent service for an affordable price.

All GemmeCotti pumps offers-cross-capability so if you see a pump you like and want to be sure that it can perform in your application, please feel free to contact us and our service engineers with any questions you have.

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GemmeCotti HTM6 Magdrive Pump HTM 6 PVDF Pump Only

Alkali and Caustic Chemical Magdrive Pump

  • Max GPM: 33
  • Max Head: 40 ft.

Our Price: $992.00
GemmeCotti HTM10 PVDF Magdrive Pump HTM 10 PVDF Pump Only

Saltwater and Hydrophobic Coatings Pump

  • Max GPM: 66
  • Max Head: 62 ft.

Our Price: $1,144.00
GemmeCotti HTM15 Magdrive Pump HTM 15 PVDF Pump Only

Chemical Transfer and Circulation Magdrive Pump

  • Max GPM: 114
  • Max Head: 94 ft.

Our Price: $1,895.00
HTM31 PVDF Magdrive Pump HTM 31 PVDF Pump Only

Water Treatment and Process Pump

  • Max GPM: 180
  • Max Head: 113 ft.

Our Price: $3,271.00
Mag Drive Centrifugal Pump for corrosive and damaging clean fluids HTM 50 PVDF Pump Only

Grey and Wastewater Pump

  • Max GPM: 227
  • Max Head: 160 ft.

Our Price: $10,308.00