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Mag Drive Pumps for Corrosives

Mag Drive Corrosive Pumps

GemmeCotti Mage Drive Pump for Corrosives

The unique design both internally and externally of a Magdrive centrifugal acid pump allows for no corrosive chemicals to touch any critical internal wear parts either through operation or leakage, allowing for effortless operation in even the harshest indoor and outdoor environments. Please consult the chemical compatibility guide to make sure you have selected the correct material for the acids you wish to pump.

Industry Uses

GemmeCotti Magdrive Pumps are an optimal solution for pumping corrosive acids:

  • Citric Acid Pumps
  • Hydrochloric Acid Pumps
  • Nitric Acid Pumps
  • Phosphoric Acid Pumps
  • Sulfuric Acid Pumps
GemmeCotti MagDrive pump