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HTT PP Series - Pump Only

The HTT series of Mag Drive Regenerative Turbine Pumps are ideal for the high-flow pumping of clean liquids with no contaminants in system. The Magdrive pumps dry-running protection along with it's durable thermoplastic construction makes it ideal for use in environments as varied as agriculture with pesticide and liquid fertilizer pumping to Marine Air conditioning systems scavenging units to basic uses like aquariums and even home waterfall setups. It is this flexibility that allows the HTT series from GemmeCotti to work in a variety of differing environments seamlessly.

All GemmeCotti pumps offers-cross-capability so if you see a pump you like and want to be sure that it can perform in your application, please feel free to contact us and our service engineers with any questions you have.

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GemmeCotti HTT 3000 PP AG Agriculture Pump HTT 3000 PP Pump Only

Ag Agriculture Herbicide Pump

  • Max GPM: 15.8
  • Max Head: 101 ft.

Our Price: $1,364.00
GemmeCotti HTT 5000 PP 1-Phase Motor Magdrive Turbine Pump HTT 5000 PP Pump Only

Marine A/C Systems & Aquaponics Pump

  • Max GPM: 26.4
  • Max Head: 141.5 ft.

Our Price: $1,731.00
GemmeCotti HTT 9000 PP 1-Phase Motor Magdrive Turbine Pump HTT 9000 PP Pump Only

Wet Scrubbing Systems Pump

  • Max GPM: 42
  • Max Head: 170 ft.

Our Price: $2,362.00