- Supplier of GemmeCotti is a supplier of high quality GemmeCotti Magnetically-Sealed centrifugal and turbine pumps for difficult pumping applications. The unique design of a Magdrive Pump is the Magnetic seal, which allows for the pumping of acids and other corrosives with ease, since there are no exposed metal seal parts in the pump.

The external magnet in the drive shaft allows energy to the magnet sealed within the pump-impeller, which is again sealed in the pump assembly. Magdrive Pumps also afford dry-run protection with their unique design. The GemmeCotti Mag Drive Pump offers a pump that’s reliable in inclement weather conditions. It also offers protection from ocean salt and spray to the dry heat of the desert that would cause most other pumps to fail.

The special design of the Magnetic Impeller inside a sealed pump chamber prevents any leakage of chemicals into your workspace. One of the significant advantages to the Magnetic Centrifugal Pump design is the ease of maintenance, both in ease of repair and low downtime. The Magnetic coupling in the pump doesn’t need a motor/pump alignment. Since the MagDrive pump is magnetically sealed, seal failure is no longer a worry so you won’t lose your valuable product.

Mag Drive Centrifugal pumps are ideal for general pressure pumping applications with clean mediums free of debris. Mag Drive Turbine Pumps are ideal for higher pressure, higher corrosive pumping applications and can handle up to 20% entrained gas yet it resists cavitation. These pumps are used in a variety of industries: chemical and petrochemical, pharmaceutical, oil refinery, electroplating, electronic, printed circuits, photography, military, biotechnology, water treatments, textile, paper mills, food processing, sugar plants, dairies and many others. is the US representative of GemmeCotti Magnetically Driven Centrifugal pumps and proudly represents their HTM and HTT series of pumps. Since 1992, GemmeCotti PP and PVDF thermoplastic pumps are 100% made in Italy to ISO:9001 specifications. The design, manufacturing and assembling of their pumps are in their hometown of Gerenzano, Italy.

GemmeCotti MagDrive Pumping Applications

Chemical Factory for GemmeCotti pumps


Magdrive chemical pumps are ideal for chemical processing and transfer applications. GemmeCotti mag drive pumps are optimal for chemical mixing and chemical transfer industries, such as sulfuric acids, peroxides, and more.

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Acid Factory for GemmeCotti pumps


Mag Drive corrosive centrifugal pumps are unique in handling chemicals that are corrosive and caustic safely and efficiently with their sealless pump design. GemmeCotti Mag Drive pumps allow for maximum resistance in high-flow pumping.

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Farmlands can use GemmeCotti pumps


Magdrive manufacturing pumps allow pumping of caustic chemicals for the manufacturing industry. Fabrication processing require pumps with high-chemical resistance. GemmeCotti pumps are offered in a wide variety of materials from PP/PVDF.

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Sea water ballast ships can use GemmeCotti pumps


Mag Drive saltwater centrifugal pumps are specially designed to pump salt water and brine. They also can be used for ballast pumping and other cold water marine pumping applications when using a GemmeCotti leakless water pump.

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Pipes draining wastewater thanks to GemmeCotti pumps


Magnetic Drive pumps are durable for processing grey water and wastewater. They can also be used with your sewage pump needs. With a variety of sizes, they can be used in your wastewater treatment plants using a gray water pump.

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GemmeCotti Mag Drive Pumps are Ideal for,
but not Limited to the Following Pumping Applications:

GemmeCotti Chemical Industry Pumps

Chemical Industry Pumping

GemmeCotti PCB Manufacturing Pumps

PCB Manufacturing Pumping

GemmeCotti Water Treatment Pumps

Water Treatment Pumping

GemmeCotti Agricultural Pumps

Agricultural Pumping

GemmeCotti Marine Air Conditioning System Pumps

Marine Air Conditioning Pumping

GemmeCotti Aquarium and Marine Park Pumps

Aquarium & Marine Park Pumping

GemmeCotti Galvanic Electroplating Pumps

Galvanic Electroplating Pumping

GemmeCotti Acids and Corrosives Pumps

Acid & Corrosive Pumping

GemmeCotti Chemical Transfer Pumps

Chemical Transfer Pumping

GemmeCotti Aquaponics Pumps

Aquaponic pumping

GemmeCotti Surface Finishing Pumps

Surface Finishing Pumping

GemmeCotti Alkali Pumps

Alkali Pumping

GemmeCotti Detergent and Biofuel Pumps

Detergent & Biofuel pumping

GemmeCotti Textile Manufacturing Pumps

Textile Manufacturing Pumping